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It Takes the Collective team to Craft a Quality Wine

At Flinders Run Wines, we believe in the power of Teamwork. With experience dating back from the late 1990s, Emanuel Skorpos our Principal Vintner has come to understand and appreciate that crafting exceptional wines is a collective endeavour, rooted in teamwork, dedication, and a shared passion for excellence.

Under Emanuel’s guidance the team embodies the spirit of collaboration, bringing together a qualified team with diverse skill sets and expertise that sees the team craft wines that are not just consumed, but celebrated.

The Terroir of Teamwork

Our journey from the Grapes to the Glass is underpinned by what we call the “Terroir of Teamwork.”

This unique blend of ancient soils, pristine aquifers, and the profound respect our colleagues have for one another cultivates an environment where premium wines flourish. Each bottle of Flinders Run wine is a testament to the commitment and focus we apply at every stage of production. Our family-owned winery thrives on this spirit of family, creating a harmonious balance between tradition and innovation.

Collaboration: The Heart of Our Craft

Collaboration is the cornerstone of our winery’s culture. It is the indispensable asset that drives the growth, production, and crafting of our premium wines. This synergy is crucial, for without it, we risk not only the quality of our wine but also the  cherished relationships we have forged within the business’s fundamental practices.

Across each stage of the businesses operations our communication channels are alive and functioning, this is especially amplified during each season and especially at vintage, when the vineyard management team and the winemaker are in daily communication, this ensure best practices are applied consistently throughout the seasons, reinforcing our mantra that “Great wines are born in the vineyard.”

Guided by Tradition, Inspired by Innovation

Our commitment to traditional winemaking methods, such as open-top small batch ferments, extended maceration, and the use of our traditional basket press, is what  sets us apart.

These time-honoured techniques allow us to craft boutique wines with  distinctive flavours and aromatics unique to the Southern Flinders Ranges.

Yet, it is our collective effort, our shared knowledge, and our unwavering dedication to quality that truly define our wines.

Achieving Excellence Together

The close-knit nature of our daily operations foster’s strong bonds within our team, encouraging us to take collective pride in our achievements. Emanuel Skorpos,  leading by example, ensures that every activity and individual involved in producing Flinders Run wines contributes to the exceptional ratings and reviews our wines have earned. It’s a cycle of continuous improvement, inspired by the team that supports us, the traditions that guide us, and the innovative spirit that drives us forward.

At Flinders Run Wines, we celebrate the “Collective Team” and together, we continue to navigate our way through the “Terroir of Teamwork”, guided by the principles of  Old World and New that continue to shape our legacy.

Emanuel and Laura welcome you to join the Flinders Run Team on this journey,  tasting the unique flavours of their “Terroir and Teamwork”, a culmination of  flavours that can only be achieved through communication, collaboration, and commitment in every bottle of Flinders Run wines produced.

Principal Vintner, Founder, Managing Director
Operations & Logistics Manager
Assistant Vigneron
Vietnam Sales Manager/Representative
South East Asian Sales Manager/Representative

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