Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

Emanuel Skorpos’ belief is that great wines are born in the vineyard. And, of course, he can say such things because the Southern Flinders Ranges is blessed by a unique terroir, due to its temperate climate, mineral-rich geology, and the distinct maritime influence that permeates the region.

With that “unfair advantage”, Emanuel’s job is to nurture these natural characteristics, thus enabling Flinders Run to delight the wine world with his big, powerful, full-bodied wines that are beautifully balanced and lusciously textured.

As a student of classic texts and literature, Emanuel is keenly aware of how the solitude of the Southern Flinders’ wide-open skies and long mountain ranges, creates an atmosphere of philosophical wonder and reflection. He suspects this is an elusive factor that ensure we produce wines of elegance and sophistication.

Key to Creating Boutique Wine

“Through the correct approach to vineyard management, quality wines are born in the vineyard.” It is this fundamental principle and approach to vineyard management, plus an intimate understanding of the Southern Flinders’ climate, soils and, most importantly, varietal characters, that enables the Flinders Run team to craft its amazing wines. But there’s another factor emerging from Emanuel’s 25+ years of experience in wine production that sets Flinders Run apart from many wineries: clonal diversity. Clonal diversity is the practice of not just choosing a wine variety to plant, but in selecting a variety of specific clones of each variety. The science to support this nuanced approach to winemaking is developing all the time, and Emanuel has embraced it as a fundamental pillar of the Flinders Run winemaking philosophy.

Employing clonal diversity starts with researching varietals and specific clones, sampling fruit from different vineyard sites, and then documenting their unique, yet diverse forms of varietal expression. But it’s not just diversity for its own sake. Flinders Run has specific criteria it uses for guiding the selection of clones. For example, Emanuel seeks out low-yielding clones so that the grapes produced are of exceptional flavour and quality. This attention to detail, and the fundamental principle that quality wines are born in the vineyard, drives our approach to vineyard management. It allows Emanuel to capture the diverse varietal expression that can only be achieved through an understanding of clonal diversity. 

This provides our winemaking team with more control during the blending and crafting of boutique wines of finesse and elegance. The end result of this uncompromising approach is confidence that Flinders Run will always achieve quality and consistency across each vintage produced.

Teamwork is the Key

If ancient soils and aquifers enrich the terroir of our vineyards, it’s the deep respect colleagues have for one other that creates the “terroir of teamwork” at Flinders Run. You can taste the commitment and focus we apply to our wine, from grape to glass, and that is only possible because there is a spirit of family at work in our family-owned winery.

In our company culture, we understand that collaboration is an indispensable asset needed for growing, producing, and crafting premium wines. Without it, our social and professional faults would lead to faults in the glass and the undermining of our prized relationships with our distributors, wholesalers, and retailers who make it possible to share our wine with the world.

We put a lot of effort into communication between the vineyard management team and the winemaker so that correct management practices are applied at each stage of the growing season. While talking with one another is vital for our winemaking process, we have one mantra that guides all our value judgements and decisions, every day, in the same way the bright stars in our outback sky guide us at night; “great wines are born in the vineyard”. 

This simple phrase keeps us true. Talking of navigating by starlight, our winery maintains old world, traditional winemaking methods, such as open top small batch ferments, extended maceration to extract maximum colour, tannin, and flavours, and the use of our traditional basket press for all our premium wine production. It is these age old, tried and tested traditional methods that make it possible for our team to craft boutique wines with those distinct flavours and aromatics that are truly unique to the Southern Flinders Ranges.

In turn, this hands-on approach keeps us close in our day-to-day activities, enabling us to forge strong bonds and take collective pride when we achieve amazing results for our wine loving customers.

Embracing Advances in Viticulture

Imagine having a finely tuned palate that can detect and appreciate minute degrees of flavour, body, acid, and aroma in every wine. The latest advances in viticulture are doing just that for our winemaking team; technology not even dreamt about when Emanuel entered the industry in the late 1990s.

Today, analysis capabilities at the forefront of wine science means we can measure and compare the complex components of every clone of every grape variety, enabling Flinders Run to reach new heights of wine quality previously out of reach. Extensive research and field trials enable Emanuel to select clones based on vigour, flavour, yield, and acid retention at optimum fruit ripening. This means some clones are chosen for their depth of flavour, others for their extra spice qualities, while others for their deeper colour profiles. It is these “personalities” that allow our winemaker to craft and blend ultra-premium wines of great complexity.

When you drink our wines and experience the layered flavours, you’ll appreciate firsthand why we plant a diverse range of clones. And the great news is that this research is ongoing. As national nurseries import, monitor, and assess new cultivars, Emanuel will be there to assess newcomers for their suitability for further enhancing the Flinders Run stable of thoroughbred wines.

Climate Change and Sustainability

Mother Nature never rests and neither do the forces creating climate change on our planet. This is why the Flinders Run team is concerned not only with the now, but also with the future. What will the Southern Flinders Ranges look like as the climate continues to change? Our team has a unique take on climate change, looking at it through the lens of our vines. We are monitoring vines and modelling how they will continue performing as temperatures and rainfall change.

Back in the vintages of 2015, 2016, and 2017, Emanuel spent considerable time exploring vineyards and analysing new cultivars with a weather eye on their suitability in a changing climate. Each clone was assessed, and their specific profiles documented and recorded, with samples being sent to the Australian Wine Research Institute to complete his analysis.

We believe that by embracing these concerns now, and applying these principles in all future vineyard developments, Flinders Run will be better prepared to adapt to any climate changes. Importantly, we will also be on track to continue growing exceptional quality fruit for our premium wine portfolio. And one of the earliest results of this research, combined with insights from senior viticulturists Nick Dry and Wayne Farquhar, was Emanuel’s decision to start restructuring Flinders Run, beginning with new vineyard development in 2017.

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