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Since Emanuel and Laura Skorpos helped establish the Southern Flinders Wine Region here in 1997, they’ve experienced the extremes of disaster and triumph. And if you’ve ever trekked through the regions red soils and rugged mountains, you’d expect nothing less from this place of natural contrasts.

However, what might surprise you, is the rich trove of wine and food flavours emerging from Flinders Run and other producers in this scenic region, which the Skorpos family invites you to explore, discover, and experience.

Meet The Team

With a shared commitment to quality and a deep appreciation for the terroir, our skilled team collaborate to bring you unparalleled taste experiences. Each member contributes a unique facet to our winemaking journey, united by a common goal: to create wines that transcend time and delight connoisseurs’ palates.

Meet the individuals behind our liquid masterpieces and discover the heart and soul of Flinders Run.

Our Philisophy

Emanuel Skorpos’ belief is that great wines are born in the vineyard. And, of course, he can say such things because the Southern Flinders Ranges is blessed by a unique terroir, due to its temperate climate, mineral-rich geology, and the distinct maritime influence that permeates the region.

Recent Articles

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Winemakers On Fire Exclusive Interview: Unveiling the Tapestry of Passion and Innovation at Flinders Run Winery

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Saving Australian Wine Sector

Flinders Run Takes Part In Special Adelaide Show Episode About Lack Of Leadership In The Australian Wine Sector

In episode 392 of The Adelaide Show, Steve Davis gathered with wine industry experts in the Barossa Valley to discuss significant challenges

Making a splash in Vietnam

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Flinders Ranges, Flinders Run winery has been crafting exceptional wines that embody the unique terroir

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