Making a splash in Vietnam

Nestled in the heart of the Southern Flinders Ranges, Flinders Run winery has been crafting exceptional wines that embody the unique terroir of this emerging region. A name synonymous with quality and tradition, Flinders Run winery recently set its sights on the vibrant and dynamic market of Vietnam, introducing its latest masterpiece – the Baroota Creek wine series.

This exciting venture marks a significant milestone for the winery, as it continues to expand its global footprint, bringing the essence of Australian winemaking and the unique tastes and flavours of the Southern Flinders Ranges to the discerning palates of Vietnam.  

Baroota Creek: A symphony of Flavours

The Baroota Creek wine series is named after the picturesque ancient waterway that menders its way through the western slopes of the Southern Flinders Ranges. This premium wine series is a testament to the winery’s commitment to excellence. The wines are a harmonious blend of traditional winemaking and modern innovation, crafted with meticulous care and attention to detail, the resulting wines capture the essence of the region’s unique terroir.

The Baroota Creek wine series represents a small portfolio of varietals and specific blends, as each wine tells its own story it captures the essence of varietal expression, while big bold fruit driven wine styles showcase the regions’ ability to grow and produce serious wines, wines “that dance on the palate”!

The winery boasts its ability to produce Single Vineyard Estate grown and produced Cabernet Sauvignon, while its Shiraz has gained quite a reputation for producing “Full throttle wines, rich and robust but with an elegance that captures Fred Astaire in the bottle”.

When the winemaker selectively brings these two grand varietals together the Flinders Run Baroota Creek Cabernet/Shiraz creates a symphony of flavours, a wine style that is stylistic and rich, bold but beautiful and with an elegance that can only be achieved through the art of stylistic wine blending.

Each Bottle of Flinders Run’s Baroota Creek wine series takes you on a journey through this ancient region’s unique terroir, capturing the flavours of an ancient country, the regions rich soils, its maritime influence and its ancient aquifer that is the life source of the vineyard’s success in this temperate climate.

With a clearly defined commitment to sustainability, Flinders Run focuses its efforts on meticulous vineyard management practices, responsible and sustainable irrigation management and with a conscious approach to preserving the environment, each sip you take is not only a delight to the palate but a celebration of all things environmentally friendly, for it is Emanuel’s position as custodian of this ancient parcel of land, he feels it is his responsibility to farm manage and run this vineyard enterprise successfully and in harmony with the environment he lives and works in.

Vietnam welcomes Flinders Run: The decision to introduce Flinders Run’s new Baroota creek wine series into the Vietnamese market was driven by a shared passion for the appreciation of fine wine and a growing interest in unique premium offerings, and with a burgeoning wine culture, Vietnam has become an exciting new frontier for winemakers looking to showcase the best creations.

Flinders Run wineries entry into Vietnam is not just a business venture, but more so a collaboration of longtime friends, who with open arms embrace their friendships while exchanging a culture of flavours and life’s experiences spanning some fifteen years.

Flinders Run in collaboration with its partners aims to create a unique experience where every glass of Baroota Creek wine transports the consumer to the sun-soaked vineyards of the Southern Flinders Ranges, fostering a connection of longtime friendships and the two distinct landscapes.

The collaboration between Flinders Run, the Importer, local distributors, and retailers in Vietnam will ensure that the Baroota wine creek series will be readily available to wine enthusiasts across the country. Marketing, tasting and promotional events will form a key component of Flinders Run’s commitment to support the market, and with a strong collaboration across the supply chain consumers will have the luxury to explore and savor the richness of each of the Baroota Creek wines.

The new Flinders Run Baroota Creek wines are poised to make a significant impact into the Vietnamese market, offering the Vietnamese consumers the opportunity to experience the unique flavours and characters that define Flinders Run, and with a glass of Baroota Creek in hand wine enthusiasts are in for an exciting adventure through the sun-drenched vineyards and rolling hills of the beautiful Southern Flinders Ranges.

Emanuel and the team at Flinders Run are excited about the prospect of creating long lasting friendships with the Vietnamese consumer, sharing their passion for fine wines, and formally inviting the Vietnamese consumer to become a part of the Flinders Run family.

With much love and excitement

Emanuel Skorpos
Owner and Managing Director

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