Witness History In The Emerging Southern Flinders Wine Region

Witness History In The Emerging Southern Flinders Wine Region

It takes a village to raise a vineyard.

The Southern Flinders Ranges Wine Region is turning heads and exciting wine lovers around the world and its emergence is due to collaboration between many people and companies.

Initial research and exploration into the viability of the Southern Flinders Ranges as a wine region were carried out in consultation with the well-established producer, Leasingham Wines.

Over a three-year period, initial trial plantings bore beautiful fruit of such high quality that it made its way into premium Clare Valley wines.

Emanuel quickly recognised the potential inherent in the largely undeveloped Southern Flinders Ranges, and the prospect of helping to create an emerging wine region was an opportunity too good to miss.

Unique terroir worth seeking on the edge of the Australian outback

The unique terroir of the region owes much to the mineral-rich soil profiles of its ancient seabeds, its warm, dry climate, and its spring-fed aquifer.

On top of this, the area’s climate, with warm days and cool nights, is a match made in heaven for grapes, enabling them to ripen through the day and then rest at night.

Meanwhile, Emanuel continued his quest to help forge this region by working in the vineyards of Chris Alexopoulos; harvesting, training, and pruning both wine and table grapes.

This valuable, hands-on experience, followed by consultations with Leasingham Wines Viticultural Manager, Ian Smith, led to Emanuel settling on the beautiful Southern Flinders Ranges as the ideal location to establish his vineyards and premium wine making enterprise.

Flinders Run terroir

Southern Flinders Ranges – Our mountains are not towering but they are empowering

By world standards, we don’t have towering mountains in the Flinders Ranges but the ones we do have are dramatic, and beautiful, and they give us a spectacular glimpse into geological history.

Our Southern Flinders Ranges region sits within a long series of “folded” mountain ranges which were pushed from the earth over the past 5 million years. Previously, there had been quite tall mountains (now eroded) pushed up from the Earth 350 million years ago, and before that the area had been an ancient sea, some 800 million years ago.

Today, you can visit and marvel at these ranges that meander from north of the Clare Valley region, through the mid-north of South Australia, and continuing further up into the outback.

When you head north from Adelaide and drive just under three hours to visit us, we heartily recommend spending time at Wapma Thura, the Southern Flinders Ranges National Park. Time travels at a different pace here, and you can soak up the rugged atmosphere by bushwalking or mountain biking, under the watchful eyes of our beloved yellow foot Rock Wallabies or the majestic Wedge-tailed eagles that will be circling overhead.

From what is ancient comes something very new – Magnificent Australian wine from the newest “old” region

The Southern Flinders Ranges is the newest emerging wine region in South Australia, based in an ancient cradle of land produced by ancient archaeological processes dating back billions of years.

The Southern Flinders Ranges is an extension of the Northern Mount Lofty Ranges, beginning at Crystal Brook. They meander their way north some four hundred kilometres through an array of majestic gorges and creeks. The area is home to its indigenous people, The Nukunu. From a European perspective, the ranges were named after Captain Matthew Flinders who first sailed here and chartered the territory in 1802.

This picturesque region is one of the best kept secrets in South Australia. Located just two hours north of Adelaide, its rugged beauty nevertheless feels as though it’s a lifetime away from the hectic pace of the city. The Southern Flinders Ranges also comprises of a vast region of pristine farming country that stretches from Spalding and Yacka in the south to Orroroo and Carrieton to the north.

Port Pine and Port Germein mark the western edge on the shores of Spencer Gulf, wit Peterborough marking the far eastern limits. The region features many historic, quintessentially country towns, all of which have contributed to the growth and development of the region and have their own unique stories to tell.When you visit, you’ll have an array of options, from art galleries and antique stores to classic country pubs and bakeries. You can always be sure of a warm, friendly welcome wherever you are. But it’s off the beaten track where you can immerse yourself in the breathtaking surroundings of the Southern Flinders Ranges. Our hiking trails are second to none, granting you access to stunning scenery, while our network of mountain bike trails are suitable for riders of all standards.

And all of this is within quick and easy reach of Adelaide.

This incredible region’s diversity has something to offer everyone, with a wide range of accommodation options available.

Wapma Thura – Southern Flinders Ranges National Park

The jewel in the crown of this region is our national park, Wapma Thura.

We are grateful our society has decided to protect and nurture this part of our land because it really does showcase everything you can imagine about Australia’s rugged, mountainous outback, and then some.

This park is a tranquil oasis for Mother Nature and will be as much a highlight of your short holiday destination with a multitude of experiences as well as the wine and food flavours awaiting you here.

Consider this your personal invitation from Emanuel and Laura to welcome you to our homelands.

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