The Flinders Run Approach To Sustainable Farming

The Flinders Run Approach To Sustainable Farming

Emanuel Skorpos has a deep love and connection with the land, as well as its indigenous flora and fauna, and these underpin the Flinders Run approach to sustainable farming.

It is his belief, as current custodian of these parcels of land, that respecting and preserving the surrounding ecosystems will help to nurture and maintain healthy soil, and that a sustainable approach will help to achieve a sense of harmony and balance.

In fact, an essential part of the Flinders Run philosophy, is to respect the environment and commit to preserving it.

We employ a responsible and sustainable approach in our farming practices, starting with honouring our soils. To this end, we take a minimal approach to the use of chemicals in our vineyards, ensuring we operate in harmony with the land and environment.

Water management

Water is the source of life, especially for all things grown in this beautiful part of the country.

In our dry, moderate to warm climatic conditions, there can be dramatic variations in rainfall, which means we need a structured and meticulous approach to vineyard management.

Although Flinders Run sits over the ancient Baroota aquifer (which has exceptional water quality), it takes restraint, viticultural knowledge, and soil moisture monitoring to make sure our vines get the water they need; not too much, not too little.

Our monitoring stations give the vineyard team precise readings across the many different soil profiles of our vineyards. This allows us to modify irrigation to suit specific vines in specific vineyards.

Sustainable farming practices – Ecology before Instagram

Ecology before Instagram at Flinders Run Wines

While the world is sharpening its focus on climate change and global warming, it must be said that a sustainable approach to viticulture is nothing new.

In fact, many vineyards and wineries have been taking this approach for centuries, well before our current uncertainty about our environmental future.

At Flinders Run, we are playing our part by taking an ecological approach to agriculture.

This means we view our property as one big ecosystem that functions as a whole, with each part making an essential contribution. Natural materials, soils, and composts all come together to create a self-sustaining system from the ground up.

As a result of this approach, our vineyards sometimes lack that “picture perfect” Instagram look.

Instead, they have a “messy” undergrowth of native weed and grass, which we then slash, work, and cultivate back into the soil, providing much-needed composted vegetative material that continually enriches the soil profiles.

Another benefit of nurturing our vineyards to grow in balance with the local environment, is that it promotes a clean, green, active soil profile that is microbiologically active with microorganisms and worm colonies.

The result is nutrient rich and fertile vineyards without excessive use of harmful chemical applications. Embracing this clean, green approach is the way forward, and Emanuel is keen to continue implementing these practices across all Flinders Run vineyard sites.

Flinders Run Sanctuary – Staking a claim for future generations

Flinders Run Sanctuary

Preserving the environment is as much about the future as it is about the present, which is why Emanuel and his daughter Kiera have created a native sanctuary at Flinders Run.

They are establishing a place where you’ll be able to experience the natural beauty of this magnificent region firsthand.

The sanctuary sits in the north-western corner of the Gribbles Road vineyard site, on a parcel of land that has native mallee gums as well as many other native flora.

Emanuel and Kiera’s rejuvenation program is underway with the goal of planting more than 500 native trees, while encouraging native grasses to recover. The aim is for this site to return to its natural state, so that the area’s flora and fauna can flourish.

The ultimate vision is to create a sustainable, luxurious site where you’ll be able to immerse yourself in a tranquil haven of the picturesque Southern Flinders Ranges; sipping and enjoying wine while taking in the breathtaking views and watching and listening to the multitude of native species that call the Flinders Run sanctuary site home.

This is a yet another way for Emanuel and his family to live and work in harmony with the environment as the responsible custodians of these parcels of land. They are proud to be contributing to the preservation of the Flinders Ranges region’s beautiful natural environment as it comes back to life and reverts to its natural state.

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