Honouring a Legacy: Flinders Run Winery’s Tribute to Johnny Kassapis on Block 1 Gribble Road

Flinders Run Winery's Tribute to Johnny Kassapis on Block 1 Gribble Road

In the heart of the mesmerizing Southern Flinders Ranges, where the rugged beauty of the Australian outback landscape meets the craft of winemaking, lies the remarkable Flinders Run Winery. Amidst the rolling hills and rocky outcrops lies Flinders Run’s picturesque vineyards, a story
of family, friendship and a deep respect for relationships forged.

A profound legacy has taken root!

The winery’s dedication of “Block 1 Gribble Road” to the memory of Johnny Kassapis, the much loved and respected Grandfather, friend, and mentor to Emanuel, the winery’s founder, is a poignant tale that resonates with the enduring bonds formed over a shared love for agriculture.

A Journey of Connection and Mentorship

Emanuel, the visionary behind Flinders Run Winery, has always held a deep appreciation for the land and its bounties. From an early age, he was captivated by the charm of the Southern Flinders Ranges, a region that possesses a unique climate and soil composition ideal for cultivating
horticultural crops. It was during his early childhood and time spent with his grandfather in the market garden that Emanuel forged a close relationship with his grandfather Johnny Kassapis, a man whose deep-rooted knowledge of the land and the fundamental principles of agriculture was
only surpassed by his big heart warmth and generosity.

Johnny Kassapis was a seasoned market gardener and a much loved and respected elder of the Port Pirie Greek Community, he saw in Emanuel a kindred spirit, eager to learn and a passion to contribute. He saw the potential within Emanuel and took him under his wing, guiding him through
the nuances of horticulture, the intricacies of agriculture, and the artistry of combining the two to successfully work the land. Theirs was a mentorship that transcended generations, a testament to the power of love, and shared experiences that would shape Emanuel’s destiny.

Block 1 Gribble Road: A Living Tribute

As time unfurled its tapestry, Emanuel’s proficiency in viticulture grew, thanks in no small part to the teachings of Johnny Kassapis. Their bond grew deeper as they spent countless hours tending to the vines, sharing stories, and refining their understanding of the land’s unique character.

When Johnny passed away, Emanuel was left with an indelible void, but he was determined to keep his grandfather’s legacy alive.

The decision to dedicate “Block 1 Gribble Road” to Johnny Kassapis was a natural extension of this determination. This vineyard block, spanning acres of fertile soil, now stands as a living tribute to the man who not only shared his knowledge but also imparted life lessons that went beyond the skills of agriculture. Every grape that thrives on this land carries with it the essence of their relationship, a bond that remains unbroken.

Cultivating More Than Grapes

The dedication of Block 1 Gribble Road speaks to the heart of what makes Flinders Run Winery more than just a producer of fine wines. It is a testament to the importance of human connections, of mentorship, and of nurturing the ties that bind generations together. Emanuel, now a seasoned
vintner in his own right, embodies the spirit of Johnny’s teachings as he oversees the cultivation of grapes and the creation of these exceptional wines.

Visitors to Flinders Run Winery can sense this spirit in every sip of wine they taste, in every step they take through the vineyards, and in every interaction, they share with the staff. The legacy of Johnny Kassapis lives on not only in the dedication of Block 1 Gribble Road but also in the way Flinders Run Winery continues to uphold the values of family, friendship, and the deep connection the team has to the land.

In closing

In the Spring of 2023 as the team prepares the soils, knocks in the posts, and undertakes the tedious duties to successfully raise the new “Gribble Road Block 1, Johnny’s Block Vineyard”, a dip of the hat and the raising of glasses will see Emanuel and the team pay their respects to this humble man and the memory of Johnny Kassapis. This is a beautiful embodiment of the enduring impact and the relationship forged between a grandfather and his grandson. It’s a story of friendship that blossomed amidst the vines and a mentorship that shaped the trajectory of a passionate vintner’s journey. As visitors raise their glasses in a toast to the remarkable wines
produced on this hallowed land, they are also raising their spirits to honour the unbreakable bond between Emanuel, his grandfather and mentor, Johnny Kassapis.

In memory of my loving grandfather Johnny Kassapis:

“Words cannot express the love and respect I carry with me in my everyday life because of your love, guidance, and support. Your teachings, and the time we spent together to develop the Flinders Run dream will be forever woven in my heart.
Until we meet again my dearest Papou John, rest in peace and may your memory remain forever eternal”.
Emanuel Skorpos

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