Flinders Run – A Family-Owned Winery With Exceptional Wine In Its DNA

Flinders Run - A Family-Owned Winery With Exceptional Wine In Its DNA

DNA might not set our destiny in stone, but it can lay the foundations for particular interests, passions, and habits. In the case of Emanuel Skorpos, he’s come to realise that his genes made it inevitable that he would follow in his forefathers’ footsteps by crafting a productive vineyard in a rugged, fertile region.

And this calling to seek the best fruits nature can yield, is evidenced by Emanuel’s calling to stay as hands-on as possible, even as the business grows.

Amid overseeing business activities, Emanuel enjoys working the vineyards, harvesting, and pruning each season, nurturing his passion for growing and producing wines of a quality high enough to meet and surpass his family’s high standards.

Like most family businesses and enterprises, Flinders Run’s epic journey has been one of trial and tribulation. There have been many lessons learnt along the way, especially when one incident led to the loss of whole vineyards.

However, just like the heroic characters in Homer’s epic poems, Emanuel and his family have been seasoned by these adversities and made stronger and wiser. If anything, calamities have helped him tap new strengths and determination to continue his quest to build and develop Southern Flinders Ranges Estate and Flinders Run.

The winemaking odyssey continues

Emanuel’s Greek heritage pays attention to omens and in the case of Flinders Run there was a significant one.

The first commercial vintage in 2005, yielded the 2005 Flinders Run Shiraz, which was so remarkable it was awarded 95 points by renowned wine critic, Robert Parker.

It was a rave review; the sort usually achieved by more established wineries.

Emanuel took this validation from one of the world’s leading palates, as confirmation that his vision for Flinders Run was well founded.

From that moment, Emanuel has never looked back. Thus, the Southern Flinders Ranges quickly established a reputation for producing high grade, premium quality fruit, attracting interest and demand from highly acclaimed wineries in the Barossa Valley, Clare Valley and McLaren Vale wine regions.

No rest for the “wicked” in Flinders Run’s hive of activity

Flinders Run pump over winemaking in action

If you drive past our vineyards, you could be mistaken for thinking Flinders Run is a sleepy place, where the team strolls leisurely between tasks, waiting for Mother Nature to complete her work.

Those looks would be very deceiving!

There is a hive of activity at Flinders Run, partly due to our quest to keep forging new territories of wine excellence, but also due to our pride in being part of an emerging wine region.

It’s too early to know what will become the Southern Flinders Wine Region’s landmark variety or blend, but we’re doing everything possible to research and experiment by planting, training, and pruning newly-established vines in blocks that lead the way in efficient, sustainable vineyard management.

Plus, Emanuel and our winemaker have been conducting numerous field tastings and wine trials, as we explore specific grape clones from our core varieties.

With their palates and a barrage of scientific testing, grape clones are being assessed for their suitability to the Southern Flinders Ranges microclimate, and their flavour profiles for the Flinders Run wine portfolio.

While our curiosity fuels these experiments and tests, we already have new wines.

Earmarked for production and release, including the following:


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